My child lacks confidence

Is Your Child Lacking Confidence?

I get a lot of kids who come to me that are obviously struggling in maths and they lack confidence. They’re quiet in class, they sit in front of the teacher in terms of their group work and they don’t take part that don’t give ideas. Students who are not confident in maths are not connecting with things they know in order to solve problems. In a group situation often the information or what they are actually looking at is not tailored directly to them.

What I look to do at EducateMaths is find where the student is working at and provide programs that are their next step learning. This way they can always connect with prior knowledge to build on the new learning that they’re expected to do.

When they start seeing that they are actually progressing that’s when the lights start to flicker a little bit and they get a little bit more confident in what they are doing because they are actually seeing the results.

They are getting success and thats what we look to build on at EducateMaths as we move through and show them over time what success looks like.

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