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At EducateMaths we care about our students and are committed to accelerating achievement and celebrating success

EducateMaths was founded as Principal Director Steve Cornelius experienced the struggles of his own son as he entered NCEA level 1.

Having successfully tutored math to his son, Steve made the move to build EducateMaths as a business helping young minds excel through an individually tailored learning program covering all mathematic learning areas every week.

Today EducateMaths has succeeded in empowering children with confidence and ensuring everyone has the tools to keep moving forward in their learning. With a network of tutors, EducateMaths is able to provide a personal experience whether joining as an Online Independent Learner or in Direct Sessions across the country.

What are others saying about us?

Both boys did well with NCEA. Reuben received Merit in Maths NCEA 1 and went on to achieve Merit in Year 13 Stats and Calculus. Reuben is now at Uni.
Ethan received NCEA 1 with Merit. He was very pleased and he went on to achieve Merit in Stats in Year 12.

Your contribution to the boys receiving these great results has been huge. It not only helped with their knowledge but also their work ethic and dedication and interest in Maths.

There was an earlier time I thought the boys would have dropped Maths but because of your efforts and motivation they went on to achieve great results in NCEA.

Brendan and I both appreciate all your time and effort.


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