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Steve Cornelius

During my time as an educator with over 30+ years’ experience, I have been a classroom teacher, a Principal of three Schools and the Manager of Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour.

I work currently out of a Red Beach Primary School providing direct maths tutoring for students who need that extra learning to boost maths progress and confidence. I have been having a great deal of success in improving maths achievement levels for students. One of my independent on-line students (who does not see me directly), has progressed her maths achievement level nearly 3 years in 21 months and is now achieving above her Actual Age in Math.

I am able to support students through ‘live video feed’ when they have a particular ‘struggle/frustration’ in math. Parents have found this very useful preventing many family math conflicts.

Jian Tan

Outside of my fulltime role, I am an experienced Math Tutor, primarily assisting students from Year 9 to Year 13. I have always been passionate in Mathematics. When in school, Maths was my favourite subject. The best part about tutoring, to me, is seeing the tremendous progress a student makes after working with them for a period of time. I use real-life practical examples when coaching students to solve maths problems, showing them that maths is not just a pen-and-paper exercise.

I have a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Chemical and Materials Engineering. I am working in the chemical manufacturing industry, having 5 years’ experience as an engineer and 3 years’
experience as an Environment, Health and Safety Specialist.

I am based in the East Auckland and South Auckland areas, focusing on direct student sessions either at my location or in home visits.

Hettie Miller

I have been a teacher for 30 years and am still enjoying teaching and supporting students to reach their full potential. I have taught learners of all ages, stages and abilities and seeing students succeed brings a sense of satisfaction to me.

I have moved to New Zealand in 2009 with my family, my husband and two daughters, where we currently live in the beautiful city of Nelson in the South Island. At the moment I am teaching Year 8 students at a full primary school in Nelson.

Helping students reach their full potential, overcome difficulties and improve their confidence in Mathematics are things I am passionate about. I believe the one-on-one interaction and the excellent program that EducateMaths is offering would provide a unique opportunity to support students to achieve their goals and accelerate in their learning.

Hamish Guthrie

Hi! I’m Hamish Guthrie. As a qualified and experienced teacher, I have taught learners of all ages, stages and abilities from young children through to adults wanting to reinvigorate their chances to succeed in life.

As a father, like many parents, I am always looking for the best learning opportunities for my child. I love connecting learning to real world problems; enabling learners to both find and create solutions that previously they doubted was possible. I love the spark a learner gets in their eye when they personally figure out ‘that tricky problem’ or help someone else to find their spark.

I am currently teaching an intensive numeracy (and literacy) programme to adults who, unfortunately, have missed learning steps (like what EducateMaths is offering) in their younger days. What’s exciting about the EducateMaths programme is that it offers a unique opportunity to accelerate learners forward to achieve results faster and more confidently.

Presently, I have learning spaces available on Thursday afternoons starting from 3:30pm. Classes are small and can be at our learning space on Princess Street, Palmerston North or via video conferencing (like Skype).

Saleshni Sharan

I have served 20 years as a Mathematics & Statistics teacher and still teaching and helping my students to achieve. I have been teaching from year 7 to year 13 (both Statistics & Calculus).

I’ve worked at secondary schools in New Zealand and Overseas. I have been living in New Zealand for nearly 10 years now.

I readily integrate 21st century skills into my lessons. I have also written numerous learning materials and assessments to support my students. I value success and I do my best to help my students to succeed in their educational journey. I believe the individual support and interaction with the excellent program for EducateMaths is a unique opportunity to help students to achieve and accelerate in Mathematics & Statistics.

Paul Harper

I have lived on the North Shore for over 25 years and, in addition to tutoring, I consult and train in the IT industry. I have an Honours degree in Psychology and a Masters in Business Administration.

I am married with two grown children – one an engineer and the other a doctor and know the importance of being involved in and ensuring the right start with childhood education. I joined the EducateMaths team after seeing the accelerated results achieved with the Next Steps learning programme.

The Maths programme we follow makes learning stimulating and fun for students. The web based tools available are intuitive and make maths come alive.

Each child has their own learning pathway set through an initial assessment.

I enjoy helping students on their journey to accelerate achievement levels.

Kawal Bedi

I am a qualified registered school teacher, currently working full time at Bayview primary school.

I am a post-graduate with a Masters in Education and a Masters in Economics.
With a working experience of over a decade with children, I work to accelerate children’s achievement levels and for them to reach their best.

When I saw kids struggling at school, especially in Maths, I decided to provide one-one (and small group tutoring), extra to their school time. By working from their current levels and their initial assessment, my focus will be to raise their achievement levels.

EducateMaths results show that the one-on-one interaction and small group tutoring works. Most students are making 1.5 years age progress in 1 year.

The excellent program that EducateMaths is offering provides a unique opportunity to support students to achieve their goals and accelerate in their maths achievement levels.

Matthew Webb

I am currently a University student studying Computer Science. Mathematics has always been one of the areas I’ve enjoyed, along with IT, programming and a bit of media production on the side.

I am based in the Hibiscus Coast region of North Auckland, primarily supporting students of years 9-13. As with having completed NCEA mathematics myself, I have seen what is expected and what students tend to struggle in. I strive to support students at whatever stage they are at in mathematics to reach their goals and feel a sense of achievement.

EducateMaths offers an excellent opportunity to support students and improve their maths ability.

Meet our team of Tutor Assistants

Alix Hines

Alix is a senior high school student in Whangaparaoa. She is currently completing NCEA 2 and has strong interests in maths, sciences and social studies, and more recently, in education.

Alix has consistent records of high grades, experience with tutoring inside and out of school, and cares a lot about helping others.

Alix believes everyone has the potential to excel in maths, and she’s determined to help others achieve this through EducateMaths. She wants every student to feel confident in their maths and to enjoy their learning experiences.

Daniel Kennedy

I am in my last year of secondary school, currently serving as 2020 Deputy Head Boy and House Leader of Orewa College.

I have obtained Excellence Endorsements in both NCEA Level 1 and Level 2. I have also Endorsed with Excellence in Calculus in both years amongst other subjects.

I’m a keen and eager student having enjoyed being a mathematics tutor for the previous 2 years. I’ve had heaps of experience working with younger students during my work with the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, now in my fourth year of helping younger kids progress into their teenage years as voluntary work.

I’ve always been super eager to bring up my younger peers and helping them become a better version of themself, a key reason why I have got into tutoring at a young age.

EducateMaths shares a similar vision to this, offering students with an opportunity to achieve their goals and accelerate their mathematic ability. I’m excited to combine these skills to help students make strives towards their future success.

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