Tutor Training Event

EducateMaths Tutor Training Workshop

In this information packed workshop, we will cover everything you will need to get started
as a Contract Math Tutor with EducateMaths.

Workshop Outline

  • Company History
  • Building the Team and The Future
  • Documentation
    • Tutor Contract
    • Tutor Description
  • Potential Income
  • Trademarks and branding
  • Marketing
  • Operating systems
  • Ongoing Support

As a Contract Tutor you have the power to operate your tutoring business to meet your lifestyle goals.

Whether that involves:

  • Supplementing your existing income with a handful of students
  • Having flexible work hours or
  • Creating a full time business

We are here to support you.

Training Fees


The training workshop can be attended for a small fee of $86.25 paid upon registration.

Ongoing Costs

Per Student Fee: $8.65 per week

Registration fee per student $39.95, invoiced to parent once by Tutor contractor, subsequently invoiced by EducateMaths to Tutor Contractor.

Potential Income

EducateMaths has a strong brand and increasing client base with great income potential.

It is expected an income of $60k – $80k+ within 3 years can be achieved.

An Excellent Opportunity

The opportunity EducateMaths provides:

  • Ignite your passion in education
  • Join in the success of students as they celebrate their own learning
  • Work to enjoy your dream lifestyle
  • A focus on teaching without the added requirements in a school environment
  • Flexible hours to meet your needs and goals
  • Work with family
  • Operate from anywhere

Are you ready to build your business with EducateMaths? Register for the Training Workshop.

  • Price: $ 86.25
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