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As a Tutor you will:

  • Have total control and flexibility in your life
  • Set your tutor hours, the places you teach and the income you wish to earn
  • Grow your passion and make a difference to others
  • Help students to expand their knowledge/skill set and achieve their goals
  • Grow your teacher skillset – a great addition to your teaching CV
  • Build strong professional relationships with students and parents
  • See your students make progress and build their confidence from your tuition

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  • OnLine Video link Learning
  • OnLine Independent learning.

Services structured to meet needs of busy parents and students


  • Initial assessment
  • Online Back Office to monitor student activity, achievement, Progress, Student Learning Needs
  • Successful reporting to Parents on Student activity, Progress and Achievement
  • Systems to recognise and celebrate student achievement.
  • Expectation that students will do their own practice at home through their unique online learning programme.

As a Tutor Contractor you will receive:

  • Full and Ongoing Support and Training
  • Marketing and Advertising Support
  • Open access to Operational success systems and processes
  • Resources
  • EducateNZ Branding

I am so thrilled with Che’s latest school report, and have nothing but “praise” for YOU! Without your hard work and extra effort, Chelize would still be struggling. Chelize is feeling so much more confident in doing her maths, and we will definitely keep this tuition going next year. Vera Dec 2017

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