Maths isn’t the same as when I was at School

How have things changed so much since I was at school?

Parents have said to me that I just don’t understand the new maths at school. How could it have changed so much you know, additions addition, subtractions subtraction. I learnt the method of writing it in columns and adding or subtracting and it worked for me. Trying to help my child do the same thing just doesn’t work.

Partitioning of numbers, what’s partitioning of numbers? I have no idea I have no concept around it. So when homework comes home I’m sort of at a loss as to how to actually take my child through these steps. It’s the practice that the kids get on a regular basis.

If they go to a session they get it once per week but the follow up activities as well. So through the whole week my child start an extra 80 to 100 minutes of maths in the week and it’s this practice, consistent practice, that’s actually helping them progress in the meantime.

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